Walking and Talking Therapy FAQ’s

Where will we meet?
All sessions will begin and end from my counselling room. The initial session will always take place in my counselling room which will give us an opportunity to discuss how we will work together and any concerns you may have about being outdoors.

Do I need to be fit?

No you don't this will not be a fitness session. The distance we cover will be decided by you and we will only walk at your pace. There is one small stile that we will need to cross on the way.

Where will we walk?

We will walk around a large open space which is less than five minutes from my counselling room, the terrain is varied and you can choose whether you would like to walk for the whole session or sit somewhere in the outdoor space.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We will talk about the weather at the initial session and decide what you are happy with. If you don't mind being out in the cold or rain then the sessions can still go ahead, I will be led by you.

What if we see people out walking?

Again we will discuss this in the initial session as your confidentiality remains my priority. The area where we will walk is large and I will naturally steer us away from any oncoming walkers.

What should I wear?

I would request that you wear suitable clothing and footwear according to the weather and be prepared in case the weather changes while we are out.

What if I become upset during the session?

This is not a problem as it may be part of the process. We will discuss this in the initial session and I will manage the sessions to maintain your privacy and confidentiality as much as possible.